Slate Roof Repairs | Replace Or Missing Broken Slates
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Slate Roof Repairs

Slate Roof Repairs

We have been installing New Slate roofs, and carrying our roof repairs since 1979. No one does it better.

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Slate Roof Repair

The durability of slate depends on 4 factors: the physical and mineralogical properties of the slate; the way in which it was taken out of the quarry and fabricated; the quality of the installation; and, regular and timely maintenance.

Broken, cracked and missing slates should be replaced as soon as possible by experienced slaters to avoid water damage to the interior finishes, accelerated deterioration of the roof battens, as well as the possible degradation to the structural timber trusses.

How We Do Slate Roof Repairs?

A trained slate roofing expert will assess the roof, and supply you with a proposal to carry out the necessary repairs.

Once the proposal is accepted, we will order the slate from the quarry and set up a start date with you.

The damaged slate is then removed by pulling out the nails with a ripper. Because steel nails are used in South Africa, adjacent slates get damaged and displaced in the ripping process, and these, too, will have to be replaced. The correct replacement slate is then slid into place and secured with a steel hook or clip (conventional roof system).

The application of roofing mastic or waterproofing sealants to damaged slates should not be considered as a viable repair alternative, because although they may be effective at first, they will eventually harden and allow water to enter the roof. Mastic also makes future repairs difficult to execute, is unsightly, and increases the costs when having to rectify the incorrect repair.

Pete Peche started Peché Roofing in 1979, only carrying out slate roofing repairs.

Because we have been doing repairs for over 38 years we are confident that we are the most experienced slate roofing company in Gauteng. You are assured of the best knowledge and expertise in the industry, and we look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you in servicing your slate roof.

Nelson Mandela entrusted us with the repair of his slate roof in Houghton, and so can you!


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