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Slate Roof Maintenance

Slate Roof Maintenance

We can carry out slate roof maintenance on Natural Slate and Everite/Asbestos Slate

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Guaranteed Slate Maintenance Solutions

Prevention is always better than cure.  Slate roof maintenance is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. If you have not being doing maintenance there is a good chance that there may be a bigger problem waiting to happen.

We do a thorough check and can show you the pictures of the problem areas that we identify on your roof.

Benefits of Slate Roof Maintenance:

  • Slate itself doesn’t need maintenance – no painting on an ongoing basis.
  • Slate is available in natural earthy tones, and no two pieces are the same. Therefore the tiles are easy to replace without creating an eye-sore.

Construction waste makes up about 30% of the refuse placed in landfills

Construction waste makes up about 30% of the refuse placed in landfills. This percentage is more than the waste from styrofoam, fast food packaging, disposable nappies and all plastics combined. Environmental concern is definitely a good reason for installing slate.

When looking at modern day structures, slate gets the GREEN flag for being a long lasting material (up to 200 years), making it a sound investment as a NATURAL stone for home building.


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