Slate Roofs

We have been installing New Slate roofs, and carrying our roof repairs since 1979. No one does it better.

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Natural slate is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing of all roofing materials available.

The awesome power of nature, which has formed slate, as well as the expertise and skill of the craftsman in hand

shaping and fixing the roofing slate, puts slate in a league of its own. Slate is a natural product that comes out of the ground, and can safely go back into the ground. Asphalt and fibreglass roofing made up of Petrochemicals typically last 15 – 20 years.

Construction waste makes up about 30% of the refuse placed in landfills. This percentage is more than the waste from styrofoam, fast food packaging, disposable nappies and all plastics combined. Environmental concern is definitely a good reason for installing slate.

When looking at modern day structures, slate gets the GREEN flag for being a long lasting material
(up to 200 years), making it a sound investment as a NATURAL stone for home building.
Slate dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used as huge building blocks.

Benefits of slate:

  • Slate is Green - Environmentally friendly
  • Slate is waterproof and is impermeable to water.
  • Slate is fireproof – it just doesn’t burn!
  • Slate itself doesn’t need maintenance – no painting on an ongoing basis ( ongoing costs ), it is resistant to chemicals, and doesn’t provide a home to moss and algae.
  • Slate is stable under extreme conditions of either hot or cold climates.
  • Slate is available in natural earthy tones, and no two pieces are the same.
  • The cost of slate is low when you take into account the long term durability.

Slate Services:

Slate Roof Repairs

The durability of slate depends on 4 factors: the physical and mineralogical properties of the slate; the way in which it was taken out of the quarry and fabricated; the quality of the installation; and, regular and timely maintenance.

Broken, cracked and missing slates should be replaced as soon as possible by experienced slaters to avoid water damage to the interior finishes, accelerated deterioration of the roof battens, as well as the possible degradation to the structural timber trusses… read more

Slate Roof Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. Slate roof maintenance is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. If you have not being doing maintenance there is a good chance that there may be a bigger problem waiting to happen.

We do a thorough check and can show you the pictures of the problem areas that we identify on your roof. Quotes always have 2 option so you can choose to fix everything now, or do the essentials… read more

Slate Re-Roofing

Slate is generally fixed according to two methods. Both systems have pros and cons.

The Conventional Systems – The Conventional slate system is generally fixed on roof pitches of 30 degrees and higher. A triple layer of slate is used with an underlay only on the ridges and hips.

Alumaz (Peter-lo) systems – The Alumaz slate system, is normally installed on roof pitches between 17 and 30 degrees… read more


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