1. Roof Repairs Reviews Johannesburg, Gauteng

Dear Pete and Denis

The roof repairs job your people did on the lapa and main roof was very good. I am truly happy to see how it has turned out.

For 6 years I have suffered much stress living with a roof that was never right from day one.  It was very expensive to fix it, but now I am very happy at how the job has been done, and my continual stress issue on this is now over  at last and belongs to HISTORY!

Furthermore, I am very happy that I chose Peche Roofing to do this job!

Denis thank you very much for doing the final inspection and seeing to the final touches that always make the difference between a good and excellent job!

Thank you all!

Kind regards

P. Verheul
Managing Director
BOSCO Printed Circuits (Pty) Ltd

Senderwood, Johannesburg


2. Roof Repairs Reviews Johannesburg, Gauteng

Peché Roofing Specialists,

I must complement the overall efficiency and excellent handling of my roofing problem by Peché Roofing.  I am very pleased to have found a company in the ‘new’ South Africa that gives prompt quality service.  Thank you for not following the norm of inactivity and poor service delivery.

It was a pleasure dealing with Peché Roofing.  Congratulations on an excellent team.

Kind regards
Dr MP van Welie.

Larrendale, Johannesburg


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