1. Roof Repairs Gauteng Reviews

Good day Scott

Firstly, let me say a very big thank you!

The work done at our house is indeed of the highest quality, and the service was unsurpassable!

It is good to know that there are indeed people out there who take pride in their work, and I look forward to many years of great service from Peché for my new slate roof house.

I believe Renier did chat to you regarding a letter giving your expert opinion on the work performed (or rather ‘not performed’) by the previous contractor.

Would it be possible for you to supply me with such a letter?

Best regards
F. Bornman
Lakefield, Gauteng


2. Roof Repairs Gauteng Reviews

Hi Scott,

I have been meaning to type this e-mail, for a while now.
I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the roof repairs work done at my home in Gauteng.
John and his team are true ambassadors for the company.
Their workmanship and conduct was impeccable.

Thank you, for a job well done.

B. le Roux
Benoni, Gauteng


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