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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Extend the life of your roof.

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Tile Roofing Maintenance

Maintain Your Roof and Save Money

Routine Roof maintenance and proper inspections are key elements to extending the life of your roof. To find and solve minor problems before they become big and costly problems. Big roof leaks damage ceilings, walls, curtains and flooring. Your insurance company will not cover any internal damage to your home until the roof is repaired as the leak was due to lack of maintenance.

FROM as little as R1.00 per sq.

Benefits of a Roofing Maintenance Contract

  • We can identify major issues before large scale damage is caused.
  • Maintenance and inspections can increase a roofs lifespan by up to 50%.
  • A contract can increase a property’s value.
  • A contract will reduce costs in the long-term.
  • Insurance company cannot repudiate a claim where a roof contract is in place.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

  • A qualified roof assessor will visually inspect the roof and provide a written report with photos.
  • A quotation is generated for all work to be undertaken to bring the roof up to an acceptable standard.
  • Once the roof is repaired to a level of maintainability we can enter into a PRM contract with the owner.


A PRM contract is based on trust. We are a family business that has established a heritage of trust through excellence. SINCE 1979.

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Roof maintenance is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. Prevention is always better than cure.


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