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Safety of our workers is very important to us. We supply and install permanent imported stainless steel anchors, as well as temporary lifelines, to ensure that our workers are safe.

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  • Peché Roofing is proud to be the sole distributor of Saucer Solutions Safety Products in Southern Africa. All the products supplied by Saucer are manufactured and tested according to the BS EN 795 standards. AISI grade 304 Stainless steel is used to manufacture the Roof Anchor. A maintenance free and hail resistant lead flashing is utilized to seal the anchor.
  • The service for a roof safety system supplied by Peché Roofing as approved installers includes the design and implementation of a complete Fall prevention solution. An installation certificate is issued guaranteeing you peace of mind. Every 12 months the Anchor’s need to be serviced (at the clients cost). At the same time we will be able to service the roof and clean out the gutters.
  • It is also not the responsibility of the contractor to Supply the Anchors or safety lines. We suggest that for the long term maintenance of the all roofs, that a permanent anchor be installed. The initial cost of the Anchor system is quite high, but the stainless steel Anchors and lead flashings will last a lifetime. Also, what cost can you put on a Human Being’s life compared to not having a roof safety system in place?

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Supply and install the best quality products

Peché Roofing has always strived to supply and install the best quality products and with excellent service standards. We have also realised that the safety of our roofers is of utmost importance. We have based the design and implementation of the Anchor system on the OHS Act.

Other roofing contractors may provide you with a cheaper alternative that doesn’t include safety specifications according to the OHS Act. If one of their workers fall, you could be held liable which could be costing hundreds of thousands of rands in damages.