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We Do Thatch

Its naturally insulating properties are fantastic, HOWEVER, more and more people are starting to move away from thatch for the following reasons:

  • Thatch has a short life-span. It starts off beautiful, but as it get harassed by sun, pests and the elements, its glory starts to fade and it needs to be replaced or constantly patched up.
  • Pests like to live in the thatch which encourages dust and droppings to fall from the roof into the house- not the ideal environment for allergy-sufferers.
  • Most importantly, it has a HIGH FIRE RISK- this is why insurance premiums for thatch roofs are sky-high!


Thatch Re-roofing

People are starting to move away from thatch for good reasons.


Tiled Roofing

Concrete roof tiles are an outstanding example of a high quality, cost-effective solution for roofing.


Slate Roofing

Natural slate is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing of all roofing materials available.



Supply and installation of new timber structures, roof coverings, flashings and engineers certificates.


Sheet Roofing

Chromodek or Zinc Alume sheeting beats out conventional roofing materials in several ways.

Sheeting or roof shingles are definitely the way to go!

We specialise in these two conversion options:

Sheeting Re-roof

Once all the thatch is removed, we install 3.2mm Masonite board to act as a ceiling. You can even opt to have Cape Reed stuck to the underside of the board to imitate thatch.

Then we install timber purlins, Radenshield insulation and the Zincalume or Chromadek sheeting.

Global Shingles

We remove the thatch and timber lathes to install the 30mm Isoboard insulating panel to act as the insulation and ceiling.

Then we install the timber purlins, 11mm OSB boards, the underlay and then the Asphalt shingles.

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Make the smart move:

invest in the safety of your family and possessions, and save on insurance premiums and maintenance in the long run!

Thatch roofs are almost synonymous with African living.