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Roof Insulation

We have teamed up with Isotherm to ensure that your house’s temperature remains cooler in Summer and warmer in winter. It also saves you on your electricity bill.

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Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Booklet

Why should your home be insulated?

  • Your roof is your heating and cooling system’s biggest nightmare. A poorly insulated roof will have you blasting that air conditioning all summer long.
  • A well-insulated roof will not only help you save on your electricity bill but will also lower your home’s carbon emissions. Our studies show that an uninsulated building could lose up to 35% of its energy through its ceiling.
  • We use the best products for your insulation needs, we have teamed up with ISOTHERM so we can really give you the very best.
  • ISOTHERM Thermal insulation in ceilings, on geysers and water pipes can greatly reduce energy consumption and cost, while regulating indoor temperatures for ultimate comfort
  • ISOTHERM is an energy efficient product as it will reduce the warming and cooling needs of interiors and it also using less energy in the manufacturing process than fiberglass alternatives.
  • If you were wondering... since ISOTHERM claims to be so energy efficient it is also 100% recyclable and made from recycled PET polymer.

So if you are putting a roof on a new home or just re-roofing your current home it is a great opportunity to do things sustainably and Peche knows just how!

Guaranteed, energy-efficient thermal insulation solution.

Peche roofing specialists are proud to offer our clients a Guaranteed, energy-efficient thermal insulation solution. We have teamed up with Isotherm to bring you an energy-efficient solution to insulate your home (ceiling insulation), geyser and water pipes, reducing energy consumption and costs. Buildings consume 40% of South Africa’s energy. An uninsulated building loses as much as 35% of its energy via its ceiling. Please see the attached Isotherm Brochure, highlighting interesting facts on R-values, Building regulations, benefits and FAQ’s.

Get energy-efficient. Get Comfortable. Get Green. Get Isotherm!

Do the right thing for your family and the environment and get Peche to insulate your home today.

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