Roofing Services

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Roof Repairs

Any home-owner or building owner who recognizes the need for a professional, long-term roof repair solution will find themselves right at home with Peché Roofing.

Whether it’s the roof on your home that’s leaking, or your factory roof that needs new insulation, we repair your roof to make it as good as new. We will gladly have a look at any roof repair problems you have, but here is a list to give you an idea of the kinds of things we can solve… read more

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. Prevention is always better than cure. If you have not being doing roof maintenance there is a good chance that there may be a bigger problem waiting to happen.

A good roof maintenance plan should look something like this: Every 3 months – gutters clean out leaves and debris. Every 6 months – check and do waterproofing also… read more

Roof Installations

We specialise in roof installations and the supply and repair of roofing (Natural slate and Everite slate) to the domestic and commercial market. We work with Architects, Contractors, Quantity Surveyors and Home-owners to provide the best solution.

The kinds of building we can service include (but not limited to): Office blocks, Homes, Housing complexes… read more

Roof Safety System

Peché Roofing is proud to be the sole distributor of Saucer Solutions Safety Products in Southern Africa. All the products supplied by Saucer are manufactured and tested according to the BS EN 795 standards. AISI grade 304 Stainless steel is used to manufacture the Roof Anchor. A maintenance free and hail resistant lead flashing is utilized to seal the anchor… read more

What Is Roofing?

Roofing is the process of construction and maintenance a roof (or roofs). Alternatively Roofing is also known as the material used for constructing a building’s roof. There are different types of Roofing in different buildings. They are categorized into these parts: Domestic Roofing, Commercial/Industrial Roofing & Flat/Garage Roofing.

Roofing services can include: Roof Leak Repairs, Roof installation, Roof Papering, Installing Shingles/Tiles,  Ridgeline Repairs & Vent Installation for Airflow.


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