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Category: Roofing

The dry-ridge system allows for air circulation from the eaves of the roof, to the ridge. It offers ventilation and protection against the elements (rain, dust, wind etc.) and allows for expansion and contraction of the ridge. Read more Eliminates ridge line leaks Good venitaltion Easy installation Reduced fixing time Reduced labour costs Less traffic [...] Read more
Any home-owner or building owner who recognizes the need for a professional, long-term roof repair solution will find themselves right at home with Peché Roofing. Whether it’s the roof on your home that’s leaking, or your factory roof that needs new insulation, we repair your roof to make it as good as new. We will gladly [...] Read more
Peche Roofing Specialist’s are proud to introduce our Gutter division. We specialise in the supply and installation of Colourbond and Chromodek seamless gutters and downpipes. The gutters are roll-formed on site to provide a seamless, purpose made and Professional installation. Read more Gutters protect foundation Gutters channel water Gutters stop heavy runoff Read more
Peche roofing specialists are proud to offer our clients a Guaranteed, energy-efficient thermal insulation solution. We have teamed up with Isotherm to bring you an energy-efficient solution to insulate your home (ceiling insulation), geyser and water pipes, reducing energy consumption and costs. Read more Get Energy Efficient Get Comfortable Get Green Get Isotherm Read more
When looking at modern day structures, slate gets the GREEN flag for being a long lasting material (up to 200 years), making it a sound investment as a NATURAL stone for home building. Slate dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used as huge building blocks. Read more Slate Roof Repairs Slate Roof [...] Read more
Flat roofs are generally concrete roofs, a popular form of construction. The problem is that concrete is not waterproof, so a waterproof membrane is fitted over the concrete surface to seal it. The best way to seal it is a torch-on system (applied with a gas flame) and then an aluminium coating to protect it [...] Read more
We have been supplying and installing slate roofs for over 30 years. We also specialise in Re-roofing Everite Nutec roofs. We are recognized as leading specialists in the installation of Everite Nutec Fibre cement roofing products. Read more Installation Re-roofing Read more
The most important benefit for new roof trusses is that you deal with one roofing contractor who specializes in supplying you with a guaranteed roofing solution carried out according to the manufacturers specifications. We ensure that you have the peace of mind knowing that your house is protected against the elements and a leak free [...] Read more

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