July 7, 2014

Maintenance and Ownership Go Hand In Glove

It is no secret that maintaining your home or business premises is of paramount importance and should be carried out on a continuous basis; this is particularly pertinent when it comes to sustaining and keeping the roof above your head in good condition. We all know the old adage “prevention is better than cure” holds true principally for those that own a bricks and mortar building, because regular roof maintenance will mean the prevention of very expensive repairs down the line.

Checking your roof on a regular basis is without question of paramount importance. If you suspect your roof is not standing up to the test of time, or that our harsh South African climate is taking its toll on your roofing, then it is time to call in the experts.

Insurance companies are specific about pay-outs. Assessors will soon be able to tell the difference between poor maintenance and genuine mishaps – so don’t be surprised if yours is refuted due to shoddy care over the years.

Regardless of whether yours is made from tiles, slate or is an older corrugated iron roof – perhaps your building boasts a modern design showcasing a flat-styled covering; it makes little difference what your roof is made from, as a regular maintenance plan will ensure that the roof over your head will enjoy longevity, plus it is a guarantee that your insurance provider will pay out your claim. Bear in mind, too, that good maintenance and a smart-looking roof will always fetch a good price when a house or building is on the market.

It is advisable that you:

  • Always keep your gutters clean from leaves which should be done every three months. ( or install our custom designed leaf guards )
  • Check all those bits and pieces every six months – this includes examining your roof for cracked and broken tiles, loose bits such as screws and other parts of your roof including your fascia boards and gutters.
  • Repaint your roof every 5 years. ( provided you have used a good quality UV resistant roof paint).

We wait for the warmer summer months with great anticipation – ensure your roof is in good nick before the storms arrive. With 35 years expertise under our belt in roofing and roof maintenance we should be your first “go to” company when it comes to roofing matters.

A Guaranteed Maintenance Solution