July 21, 2014

Why Leaf and Gutter Guards Play an Important Role in Maintaining your Home

The general idea of installing leaf guards or gutter guards is for the apparatus to prevent excess leaves and debris entering your existing gutters which will mean that your roof and walls will be protected from any damage or damp. In other words, these devices have been designed so that the cleaning of your gutters is reduced, prevents harm being caused to the structure of a building and ensures your gutters are kept in good condition resulting in them lasting for many years to come.

There are not many custom designed gutter or leaf guards available in South Africa; it therefore makes sense to glean as much information as possible prior to installing these devices.

What you should look out for when purchasing your leaf guard:

  • The collection of water, keeping out leaves and debris and being easily maintained can become a simple chore if you choose a solid top gutter guard that works through external connection – these normally have a solid top and a curved front surface that will lead water efficiently down and into the gutter.

  • Products that boast doing a great job are usually quite expensive, therefore searching for the right one from the outset is important, so make sure that a guaranteed maintenance free guard is sourced.

  • The right product will prevent spills and leaks, preventing damp seeping into your structure.

The different types of gutter and leaf guards you might consider:

  • Filters, membranes and brushes which are usually fitted into your existing gutters – but require regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • Basic screen gutter guards are made from metal and plastic, are flat and have round or square holes or slatted openings.

  • Flat solid-topped guards with a rounded front nose are also a good choice.

Gutter and leaf guards have been specially designed to keep your gutters free of leaves and debris; select one that does the job well. For more on gutters, gutter and leaf guards, maintaining your roof and preventing damage to your biggest asset, call us today to find out more.

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