March 18, 2019

Have You Asked These Questions?

  • Do I go with a less experienced contractor for a significantly lower price?
  • Can I save money by buying my own materials?
  • Should I try to repair the roof on my own?

With any investment, such as your home, you really should weigh your options before making major decisions on how to maintain it. Avoid these pitfalls when making decisions on how to preserve your roof.

  1. Starting a major roof repair or replacement by yourself (if you are inexperienced).
    Unless you have extensive roofing knowledge or experience, it’s probably best to leave the roof work to the professionals. Tearing off a roof is dangerous and difficult work. The mistake is often made to save a few Rands, however, this can cause more damage and cost more in the long run. With the proper safety equipment, knowledge and skill level, a certified roofing contractor is the way to go.
  2. Buying your own materials.
    Shopping around for the best deal is a good thing, but when it comes to having a roof system installed, it pays to allow a qualified contractor with a competitive price to purchase the materials for you. Not only do you avoid having incorrect quantities or products, the contractor may also have access to better, more competitive pricing due to established relationships with regular suppliers. A roof installation tends to be a package deal and a good contractor will be able to provide a workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty with your installation / repair.
  3. Not hiring a solid contractor.
    Make sure that you do your homework. Find a reputable contractor to perform work on your home. Sometimes price isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to the service you are receiving. Talk to friends, family and co-workers about a roofing company in your area that has a good name in the community, competitive pricing and a track record of quality work. You want a company with integrity and a great finished product – it is absolutely worth the extra time.

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