November 23, 2018

Flat Roof Homes

Flat roofs are great – they’re cost-efficient and allow you to utilise all space below and above your roof.

An Interesting Fact – Did you know that flat roofs aren’t 100% level but have a slant of about 3 degrees to allow for rain drainage?

We all have seen these homes and buildings around but are they all that great?

Pros to Flat Roofs

  • They allow for more space which would have been lost if it was a pitched roof and it allows you to use this extra space for extensions such as garages
  • It is cheaper since it requires less material
  • Because of them not being pitched they are installed faster

Cons to Flat Roofs

  • The roof absorbs more heat as the entire roof is exposed to sun all day long
  • They sometimes require more maintenance as all drains need to be inspected to ensure water can drain properly
  • They are prone to leaking and require a waterproof seal.

The best way to seal this membrane is a torch-on system and then an aluminium coating to protect it from the sun.

This membrane does have a 10 year lifespan generally but maintenance is needed as the aluminium coating gets damaged in the sun. Your roof also expands and contracts in the sun and this can damage the overlapping sheets of waterproofing.

Luckily for you Peche offers the torch-on system and maintenance.

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