March 18, 2019

Do You Have a Leak That Has Manifested Right After a Heavy Storm?

Do you have a leak that has manifested right after a heavy storm? There was calmer rain a few days ago and no leak but now after this particular storm a leak has appeared on your celling? Why now?

Customers often contact our office to report leaks that have manifested themselves after a storm with wind driven, or driving, rains. They report that an area of the roof or ceiling leaks, but not consistently with every rain.

Rain that has been driven by wind, often blowing horizontally, can create water intrusion in ways that may not have been possible if the wind was not in the equation.
Wind-driven rain can make its way past not only shingles, but flashing, chimneys, skylights, siding, windows and walls.

Having a qualified roofer to evaluate your roof and provide routine maintenance is the best defensive measure. If your property does sustain damage from wind-driven rain, be sure to have the repairs done soon after the damage. The longer the storm damage remains without repair, the greater the risk for more extensive damages. Your wallet will thank you.

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