March 18, 2019

DIY Tips

One of the biggest maintenance issues in any home is the roof. Many people are unaware that if regular maintenance is not done a major insurance claim may be declined. Roofs are often overlooked because we seldom, if ever, actually climb on or in the roof unless there is a problem. Your roof protects everything inside your home.

These tips will help you identify potential problems, Check out the following:

  • Water marks on the ceilings
  • Humps or dips on your roof may suggest structural roofing issues.
  • Loose or broken barge boards
  • Broken, loose or missing Fascia boards
  • Broken, loose or missing verge tiles
  • Gutter blockages, rust and damage
  • Obvious signs of rust on a sheeting roof
  • Broken tiles or slates

A damaged or badly constructed roof could end up costing you many thousands of rands. Often, ceiling insulations masks slow leaks and professionals are well acquainted with this. Mold is another indication that something is amiss. Unseen timber issues can become very costly. Not to mention simple issues like borer beetles.

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