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When you lie in bed to go to sleep at night and you stare at the ceiling, you might notice some round, brownish coloured patches on the ceiling… These are water stains and often they indicate that there is a problem with your roof! The presence of water stains means that moisture is getting into [...] Read more
When it’s time to find a roofing contractor, don’t stress. While it may seem like a daunting task, choosing the right company for the job is easier than you think. Just keep these six tips in mind during your search, and you’re sure to find a great one. Ask About Insurance. If a company doesn’t [...] Read more
Flat roofs are great - they’re cost-efficient and allow you to utilise all space below and above your roof. An Interesting Fact – Did you know that flat roofs aren’t 100% level but have a slant of about 3 degrees to allow for rain drainage? We all have seen these homes and buildings around but [...] Read more

We recently received an award from The Master Builders Association for being a member for longer than 30 years. This is what the certificate said ” This remarkable achievement as a Longstanding Member reflects the company’s contribution and perseverance in maintaining an exceptionally high standard of both quality and ethics in conducting their business. Something […]

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Peché Roofing takes pride in their work and are enthusiastic about the possibility of helping you solve your roofing needs. The training and experience provided, as well as the age of our company, will help you determine our ability to successfully complete your roofing project. We will give you the best value rather than a lower [...] Read more

Over the last 10 years, I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies offering to seal, coat and paint roof tiles, ridges, hips and valleys. These guys are all over the place because it is a very profitable business, because their mark-up is huge, the material and labor costs are minimal, and […]

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It is recommended that you choose a regular roofing maintenance plan and call in the experts during winter to check for damage before the summer rains arrive, although we boast being able to supply roofing and maintenance throughout South Africa in addition to the neighbouring countries.

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