March 19, 2019

A Roofing Company – Is a Roofing Company – Is a Roofing Company?

We know this is not true. At Peché Roofing we take pride in our reputation. It has taken us over 40 years to create it. Our integrity and hard work has paid off and top management has in excess of 100 years collective roofing experience.

We work strictly according to the supplier’s specifications and we will never offer to do a patch-up job for you – not even if you ask us as a special favor. Why? Because we know that it is a short term fix with no long term success.

We are well connected in the industry and insurance companies are aware of our reputation and standard of workmanship. We have customers whose roofs we have been looking after for 40 years.

If you would like for us to come and do a free assessment on your roof – with absolutely no obligation from your side, please call us on 011 708 7411 or send an email to or visit our website on

No roof is too big or too small and we work with tile, slate, flat and metal roofs.

Making a mistake by choosing the wrong roofing company can cost you dearly.

Have a fabulous day.